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    DKT Pakistan is energetically working towards counseling couples for Planned Parenthood.
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    DKT operates in countries that contain 60% of the World’s Population.
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    DKT Pakistan since its operation has provided more than 1 million couples with years of protection.
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    DKT has received Charity Navigator’s coveted 4-star rating for financial performance 6 years in a row.
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    DKT’s headquarters expenses are less than 2% of total budget while fundraising expenses are around .2% of budget.
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    DKT Pakistan has sole network of 800 clinics having regional coverage providing 1,500 CMWs with an entrepreneurial model

DKT Pakistan

DKT is one of the largest private providers of family planning and reproductive health products and services in the developing world.

In 2015 DKT has sold 6,000,000 male condoms, 316,916 cycles of oral contraception, 190,392 packages of emergency contraception, 111,394 vials of injectable contraception, 139,675 tablets of misoprostol, 1,700 implants and 132,904 IUDs.

Since the beginning of its operation in 2012, DKT has grown as the leader of contraceptive category, reaching to the potential consumers and couples through its outreach social programs and heavy advertisement. DKT Pakistan has hired key staff, registered with the Government of Pakistan, built partnerships with national and local governments and received the authorization to begin providing family planning and reproductive health services. In particular, the partnerships involve the Ministry of Health and the Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Program of the government of Sindh. DKT has also partnered with private entities i.e. Aman Health Care Services and doctHERs to provide better reproductive health services to the general population of Pakistan. DKT also associated with Bayer to launch its Implant in Pakistan and is in the path to introduce more quality products in its portfolio.

DKT Pakistan has identified the need of more than 6 million women (24% of married women of reproductive age) with unmet need for contraception and couples for birth spacing and reached them through its outreach programs. DKT Pakistan has been rolling out its Mobile Video Units, Heer Tea Parties, Parent Group Counseling, Male Contraceptive Consumer Sampling, Josh Float, Josh Outdoor Campaign, Prudence Comedy Club and Product Launches reaching thousands of couples in each cycle to help prevention and awareness of STIs, curtail the problem of population explosion & educate the populace about family planning in a culturally acceptable manner.

The key objective of DKT Pakistan is to reach the poor and ensure that the quality methods of family planning are affordable to low-income couples. Indeed, behind DKT’s contraceptive social marketing indicators is the effect its work has on people’s lives.

The humanitarian impact has immediate and long-term benefits for poor families. Planned and healthy families have more food, clothing and education for the next generation of children.

Oral & Injectable Contraceptives